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Farnsworth Munsell Hue Test

Farnsworth Munsell Hue Test

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Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test

Munsell kit for testing quality assurance employees' color vision

This test allows color vision to be determined easily and effectively and - using the relevant software - provides a score for assessment purposes.
It has been used for over 50 years by the authorities, schools and industry for testing the color vision of engineers, technicians, production staff and in marketing departments involved in design and quality assurance.

The test contains four rows with a total of 85 removable color chips which cover the entire color spectrum.
Since the color chips are logically arranged in the sequence of the hue, any problems with color vision can be quickly identified.
The Munsell Color Test helps to identify color vision problems during interview tests or annual checks, for example. This color vision test is used with employees who have to identify, test and approve colors. Applicable in all industries.

The test is to be conducted in daylight conditions. A 6500 Kelvin standardized light booth is suitable for this purpose, which we are able to supply.
The color inserts are available in sets for re-ordering. The color inserts with the color chips are supplied in a black padded case for transport and storage.
The test kit also includes software for scoring tests.
Using this software, you can score test results and print out the results for archiving.

The four trays are boxed in a handsome carrying case. The test must be administered under daylight conditions such as that provided by GretagMacbeth SpectraLight and Judge viewing booths.

Repeatorders for the trays are possible only for complete trays. The FM 100 Hue Test will be delivered in an alu case.

We also include Windows-based PC scoring software. The software allows you to analyze the results and print out for archiving.

Farnsworth Munsell Hue TestFarnsworth Munsell Hue TestFarnsworth Munsell Hue TestFarnsworth Munsell Hue Test


Brochure FM 100 HueTest

Description of the FM 100 HueTest in English.

3.74 MB


Instructions historically from 1

Historical guide to the Munsell 100 HueTest from 1957.

6.14 MB

FM 100 Replacement Cap

FM 100 Replacement Cap

This test gives you an easy-to-administer but highly effective method for measuring any individual's color vision.

Color Vision Test Set

Color Vision Test Set

Set for qualificated testing of color vision and the ability of color distinction of people.

Color Vision Test Station

Color Vision Test Station

Package for qualificated testing of color vision and the ability of color distinction of people.

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