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Standard Lighting Cabin LightBooth

Standard Lighting Cabin LightBooth

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Product no.: 43-10330
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NEW - UnityColor LightBooth Standard Light Cabin for up to 4 Light Sources +UV

The UnityColor standard light cab has been developed according to the specifications of DIN ISO 3668 in terms of light types, light quality and illuminance. A generous work surface, interior height, and uniform illumination distribution make the UnityColor LightBooth the universal device for most visual color inspection tasks.

The LightBooth can be equipped with every available Light2match light module, the two versions X-II with the light types D65 / D50 or D65 / TL84 or X-IV with the 4 light types D65, TL84, A, LED / respectively + UV Light are recommended.

To ensure the optimum working height, the LightBooth can be optionally supplied with an electrically height-adjustable lifting frame with 3 storage locations for the optimum working height.

Further advantages of the Light cabin for different lighting modules:

  • Uniform illumination, no visible drop in illuminance in the corners
  • In all light types and illuminance levels a uniformly illuminated test environment without external light influence
  • Work floor with 2 drawers for small parts and color samples
  • Removable side panels for testing particularly large parts
  • Basic equipment with D65, TL84, UV
  • Fully equipped with D65, TL84, A, LED, each switchable in "High" (= standard circuit) and "Low" for white and light samples, + UV (picture right)
  • Work surface through drawer bottom on a standard letter is about 92 cm
  • With optional base electrically adjustable from 92 - 130 cm
  • Easy tube change
  • Network-compatible control unit with hour counters for all types of light, power-on counter, automatic night shutdown and much more.
  • Available with ready configured wireless router and smartphone as a remote control

Technical specifications:

  • Illuminance Basic equipment LightBooth X-II with D65 and TL84 = 3000 lx
  • Illuminance Fully equipped LightBooth X-IV with D65, TL84, A, LED in "LOW" level> 2000 lx, in "High" level> 3000 lx
  • Protection electr. Connection B 16A
  • Power consumption during operation 800 W, for a short time 1000 W
  • Dimensions WDH approx. 126 x 86 x 120 cm
  • Working surface increased by approx. 20 cm through the lower part of the drawer
  • Weight approx. 100 kg, with lifting frame approx. 140 kg
  • Surface neutral gray powder-coated

The LightBooth can be tested in our showroom in Wertheim. Please arrange a visit.

Standard Lighting Cabin LightBoothStandard Lighting Cabin LightBoothStandard Lighting Cabin LightBooth
Sample holder, setting angle

Sample holder, setting angle

The Setting Angle and the bigger sample holder help to find the correct observer angle of 45°.

45° Sample Holder

45° Sample Holder

For color matching in the standardlight cabin or under the Standardlight-Overheadluminaire.

Rotatable sample holder

Rotatable sample holder

With steplessly adjustable viewing angle for color matching in the standardlight cabin.

Replacement tube set UnityColor calibrated for Light2match

Replacement tube set UnityColor calibrated for Light2match

Replacement tube set with all light types for all UnityColor Light2match ceiling light models.

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