Magnifiers for surface control

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In our new section "Magnifiers" we offer you a selected assortment of optical testing and measuring equipment of the traditional brand Schweizer.
Magnifiers have a variety of uses in industry and craft. They are valuable tools for surface inspection in the laboratory, development and production. The magnification reveals details that the human eye often can not recognize without aids.

If you need magnifiers for your daily work, it is worth using high quality lenses, because the quality of the optics decides whether you really see well with a magnifying glass. All magnifiers in this category are Made in Germany, in high quality.

The magnifiers of the Tech-Line product line are indispensable tools for professional use in the laboratory and quality control. The term Tech-Line stands for technically sophisticated products that meet the requirements for high-quality appearance, ergonomic handling and robust materials for daily use. In the series Tech-Line always high-quality silicate glass optics are installed. The aplanatic lens design ensures distortion-free vision, high-contrast images and very high depth of field.

Magnifiers with the designation Basic-Line are suitable for beginners and are a reasonably priced but nevertheless high-quality alternative for those who do not work constantly with these test devices. The Basic-Line products offer a wide range of optical aids for defect detection on surfaces in the industry.