Lectures on visual color inspection with standard light

Downloads of the lectures from our in-house exhibition: 30 years Torso – June 2018

 At the request of our customers who could not come to this year's in-house fair in June, here are the lectures offered:


Correct use of the Farnsworth Munsell 100-Hue Test (3 MB only in German)

Professional color matching with standard light, color evaluation according to DIN EN ISO 3668 (9 MB only in German)

Color measurement: Measurement geometries and their visual correspondence Lecture by Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Schröder (5 MB only in German)

Correct color matching and standard-compliant working with tips for visual color evaluation

For users and interested persons we have summarized the most important information as well as answers to frequently asked questions on the complex topic of standard lighting as basic information. Apart from photometric terms, the lectures contain instructions for the standard-compliant implementation of visual color matching and the correct handling of standard lighting equipment. Also covered is the standard DIN EN ISO 3668 with an example of a test report and the correct verbal communication of color differences. For beginners there are tips with criteria for acquiring a standard lighting solution, the table of light types with their application and much more.

Downloads (all in German language):

Download Lecture on Professional Color Evaluation with Standard light (11 MB)

Download Lecture visual phenomena and eye exercises during color examination (2 MB)

Download Lecture on the application of DIN ISO 3668 in visual color proofing (2 MB)

The lectures have seminar character with technical information content and were developed and presented on the occasion of our in-house exhibitions and information days in Wertheim.

If you have questions about the lectures, we are happy to help.