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Munsell Color Coding Charts

Munsell Color Coding Charts

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Munsell Color Coding Charts - EIA 359-A, ANSI C83.1

10 color charts for color coding of cables, wires, resistors and other electronic components

Colors for the coding of the insulation of pipes, wires, strands and cables in the electrical industry and for the identification of resistors and other electronic componentes according to the EIA-359-A standard and the ANSI C83.1 Standard.

10 color charts: red (2.5R 4/12), orange (2.5YR 6/14), brown (2.5YR 3.5/6), yellow (5Y 8.5/12), green (2.5G 5/12), Blau (2.5PB 4/10), violet (2.5P 4/10), white (N9), grey (N5) and black (N 1.85). The target colors are arranged in the middle, thereabouts the tolerance color samples are grouped to illustrate the maximum allowable color. The binder is enclosed an envelope with 10 color samples, in each case 1 sheet color sample per target color in the size of approximately 7.5 x 12.5 cm.

  • Delivery in a binder with 3-hole mechanics
  • Book size approximately 27 x 29 cm
  • Size of the target colors: 45 x 45 mm (octagon)
  • Size of the tolerance colors; 20 x 25 mm (rectangular)
  • Envelope with the 10 target colors in the size ca. 7,5 x 12,5 cm, for color coding outside the binder, in order to reduse the wear and tear.
  • Explanation of the color samples glossy
  • Commentary in English
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