Pantone Textile Colors on Paper or Cotton

The Pantone FHI Color System contains 2320 Colors!
The PANTONE Textile Color System now covers 2,310 colors and is now available for all items of FHI Color System. These products are available for delivery now and include the new colors. The contents of the books are the same and the new colors are attached as a supplement. All the books now have a green cover made from a hard-wearing plastic material.

The supplements with the new 210 colors on cotton are available for a limited period. The new colors on paper (TPX) for the FHI Color Guide and FHI Specifier are now available also as a supplement.

PANTONE Textile System color codes
XX-XXXX represents a number - all color codes have six digits
TCX indicates a color sample on cotton
TPX indicates a color sample in the form of lacquer applied to paper

You can access the list of the 210 new colors with color codes and names here.